Evaluation questionnaire for Pilot Actions


LE.A.DE.R Project - LEarning And Decision making Resources

Thanks for participating in pilot actions within the LEADER project www.leaderproject.eu for the dissemination of a reference framework on the CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS (CMS).

The questionnaire aims to gather feedback on the model and the territorial actions, in order to identify activities, pathways and tools in line with the framework.
The questionnaire is divided into four sections.
In the first section you will be requested to fill out some personal details and information on the articulation of the pilot action.
In the the second section you will be asked to specify how the realized pilot action is able to promote the learning of each specific competence of the CMS framework.
The third section instead requires to evaluate the framework, indicating any changes or improvements in the description of the competencies.
In the last section will be required to assess the utility and the impact of the CMS model.
Please complete all sections. In case of error you can cancel and re-compile the questionnaire responses from the start.
For any assistance, please write to: info@leaderproject.eu

There are 25 questions in this survey.