Topic outline

  • Career Management Skills for guidance practitioners

    Developing Career Management Skills (CMS) is the main goal of lifelong career guidance. The LE.A.DE.R project offers an open platform for guidance practitioners, tutors and teacher with learning and guidance resources.

    This platform let the practitioners to improve their professional competences and support the design of career learning paths and guidance activities within schools, employment services and learning centers, career guidance offices of Universities and of adult education institutions.


  • I – Introduction

    Understanding Career Management Skills: a new framework for career learning and lifelong guidance

    Job search and career management will become the main future challenges for most people, at any age. Career guidance is an essential component of modern education and training systems to (re-)orientate younger and older generations towards the acquisition of 21st century skills. The key concept of “Career Management Skills” has shifted the traditional paradigm, from “choosing a career” to ”lifelong career learning and lifelong career building”. 

    Lifelong guidance has been receiving increasing attention at both European and national levels and the concept of Career Management Skills becomes a crucial focus for the design and the implementation of more effective services and practices. Two Resolutions of the Education Council (in 2004 and 2008) have highlighted the need for strong guidance services throughout the lifespan to equip citizens with the skills to manage their learning and careers and to lead the transitions between and within education/training and work.

    The new approach of career guidance, based on the concept of career management skills, requests the competences of integrating theory and research into practice, of undertaking career development activities and of developing and delivering career learning programmes.

  • II - CMS emerging needs

    Learning and decision making resources for career guidance

    In order to develop consistency for those who are using the Leader CMS framework learning outcomes have been established. These provide the basis for good practice in the development of careers practitioners and can be equally applied to developing the skills and knowledge of practitioners relating to CMS.

    The Learning Outcomes for career guidance practitioners are:

    1. I know the CMS framework (integrating theory and research into practice) – the expectation is that the practitioner makes themselves familiar with the framework and identify the areas they wish to focus on within their practice. As well as understanding and knowing the framework, they should also ensure they are familiar with the theory and research that has contributed to the development of the framework and the evidence that supports its construction. 

    Explore the LE.A.DE.R Project CMS framework.

    2. I can design career guidance activities and career learning programmes for improving CMS – the framework offers a basis from which programmes and learning activities can be developed. Practitioners can use the framework to assist them in creating innovative approaches to support their clients/students to develop their skills.

    Explore the LE.A.DE.R Project Pilot actions connected to the CMS framework and read the Pilot Report.

    3. I can undertake career development activities for building users’ capability for career management – the framework can be used as a needs analysis to help identify areas for development for clients/students. Practitioners need to be able to assess how best they can use the CMS framework with the clients/students.

    4. I can review and evaluate career learning programmes – reflecting on and learning from practice is key to all professional practice. Practitioners need to develop strategies that will help them to review the activities they have done so that they can continue to improve and enhance them.

  • III – Teaching resources & tools

    Design and evaluation of career learning programmes, based on CMS

    LE.A.DE.R. Project partners have tested the CMS framework in different Pilot Actions and have collected a Matrix of Career Management Skills Resources in all partner countries (Italy, Romania, Spain, Greece, Turkey, UK.) The matrix links the resources used in the Pilot Actions to the areas of the CMS framework as follows:

    The resources are split into 4 main categories:
    1. Presentations, activities and handouts
    2. Websites
    3. Videos
    4. Career tools

    Exploring the CMS Framework it is possible to know different Pilots and the resources to implement similar guidance activities.

  • IV – Open platform for users

    Improving my Career Management Skills - resources for users

    The last step is an e-learning environment open also for users, named "Improving my Career Management Skills", that has been designed for training CMS and for improving on-line cooperative learning processes with direct users.
    Using this platform, step by step, with students and users, it will foster the learning process of practitioners. Practitioners, tutors and teachers will learn how to support users and students to reflect on their own expectations, create their own e-portfolio, explore new careers and training opportunities.

    Access to the platform here.

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