Topic outline

  • Welcome to improve your CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS! 

    Improve your Career Management Skills

    What should you know in order to successfully plan and advance your career?

    Career management skills (CMS) are competencies which help you to identify your existing skills, develop career learning goals and take action to enhance your career.

    The LEADER Framework for Careers sets out five main areas that all citizens should attend to as they develop their careers:

    1. personal effectiveness;
    2. managing relationships;
    3. finding and accessing work;
    4. managing life and career; 
    5. understanding the world.

    The framework provides a way to define the skills and attitudes which support you to effectively manage your career and to progress through life.

    By going through the sections below you will discover the individual skills of each area and you will discover several relevant resources to develop them: links, documents, activities...


  • 1. Personal effectiveness

    This area focuses on skills and attitudes that support individuals to effectively manage themselves and to progress their career.

    1. I know who I am and what I am good at

    2. I’m able to reflect on my strengths and address my weaknesses

    3. I make effective decisions relating to my life, learning and work

    4. I remain positive when facing setbacks and I stay positive for the future

    5. I make use of technologies to develop my career

    6. I am able to set myself career goals

    7. I generate ideas that help me to achieve my goals

    8. I can review my skills in relation to what employers are looking for

  • 2.Managing relationships

    This area acknowledges that our relationships with others are an important factor in how we manage our careers. Individuals need to recognise that we have different relationships with others depending on the context and these can help us to build a career.

    1. I can find and use information and the support of others for my (future) career

    2. I interact confidently and well with others

    3. I build professional relationships and networks to support my (future) career

    4. I maintain my professional relationships and networks

    5. I can use social media networks

    6. I understand the need to use social media to network for my (future) career.

  • 3. Finding and accessing work

    This area focuses on the need to engage in learning and to develop the skills that enable individuals to effectively navigate into and onto further learning and work opportunities.

    1. I learn throughout life

    2. I can find work or learning opportunities that are right for me

    3. I seek new opportunities to help build my career

    4. I can develop skills which will help me to get what I want out of work

    5. I assess the pros and cons of formal and informal sources of information

    6. I can cope with changes in the world of work

  • 4.Managing life and career

    This area focuses on the relationship between work and life and supports individuals to effectively progress their career while achieving a balance with their commitments.

    1. I can make decisions and set career goals for myself within appropriate timescales

    2. I manage my goals, my time and personal finances in a way that supports my career building

    3. I am innovative and creative in my thinking about my work, learning and life

    4. I maintain a balance in my life, learning and work that is right for me

    5. I can cope with challenges and changes which take place in life

  • 5. Understanding the world

    This area recognises that work and learning are influenced and impacted on by wider issues in society. As such individuals need to acknowledge that they will not always have control over their work but they can develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will help them to navigate and manage continual change.

    1. I understand how changes in society relate to my learning and work

    2. I understand how learning and work change over time

    3. I can make a positive impact on society

    4. I make the most of opportunities I come across

    5. I am open to opportunities including those that are in other countries